Monday, July 6, 2009

You and I, Westward on the Highway Forever . . .

So, thanks to the invaluable help of our beloved family and friends, we managed to leave Michigan on Wednesday and begin our trek out to Utah. I have to say that pulling loaded trailers behind our modest little Accords was stressful. In some way my favorite part of the journey was several hours in Nebraska when the road was almost completely flat, and I was able to set cruise control and relax a bit.

One of two of my favorite sites along the way was to see the wind turbines near the western edge of Iowa Wednesday evening. They were pretty close to the freeway, and so I got a better understanding of how enormous they really are. My favorite turbine was both close to the road and facing the road. It stood in a small valley next to the freeway, so that the tips of the blades looked as if they were brushing the grass on the shoulder. I'm sure wind turbines aren't all that quiet, but I couldn't hear any sound from it over the noise of my car, and so it towered silently over me, regally spinning against the star-dusted indigo sky.

My other favorite site was the enormous hills that I think were a part of Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. The sunlight was beginning to cut through the clouds after rain, and on either side of the winding road loomed curved hills (or small mountains???) comprised of warm red dirt and frosted with vibrant evergreens. I would love an opportunity to return there one day.

How I've wished that my eyeballs contained cameras! :)

We arrived in Spanish Fork late Friday afternoon and purchased a storage unit. Saturday we emptied our trailers into the unit, and today we returned our trailers to U-haul. It is so nice to have my car back! I'm almost completely unpacked now, too.

Everyone has been so wonderful to us here, and I am so grateful for their kindness! I do still miss everyone back east very much. I won't go into detail about crying. :P Being able to spend yesterday evening with Rem and Amelia was a great comfort to me.