Sunday, December 20, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

Tyson's computer finally croaked a few weeks ago, and Sundays became busier with all the Christmas choir rehearsals, so I have some catching up to do.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Tyson has put together a nice new computer for himself. He also fixed his laptop, and in the process discovered that none of his photos from Barcelona were lost after all. :)

Some more good news is that I interviewed for and was promoted to the position of executive assistant for the CEO of the company for which I've been working as a customer support rep these past three months. This means a small but significant pay raise and a much more pleasant work day. Unfortunately, the business is making the bulk of its money in a legal but unethical way. I'd love to leave, but with over $450 in student loans each month (and that's just mine, not Tyson's) I don't dare just quit. I've applied for other jobs, and been interviewed for two, but so far I've had no takers. I'm not going to stop looking, though.

Also, there are two other pros to staying with this company. One is that I'm enrolling in medical insurance for the first time in almost five years, and Tyson and I are also enrolling in dental insurance. The other is that the people with whom I work are very warm and supportive. There are some real gems that I just love, and they make work so pleasant. :)

Tyson has yet to find someone willing to hire a man with two master's degrees, a real estate certificate, and who is self-taught in web and graphic design. It's a difficult time for us in this respect, but we have faith that in time this to shall pass.

My service in nursery has led me to volunteer to teach the lesson and lead a "singing time" each week. Truthfully, I'm delighted. I love preparing lessons and songs related to the gospel. I just hope that I can be humble and worthy enough for the Lord's Spirit to be present to teach His precious children.

In less than 48 hours I get to pick my parents up from the Salt Lake airport. I can't wait! Merry Christmas to me! :D