Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Best Christmas Present Ever

As a Christmas gift to all of us, Kevin and Jacqui paid for tickets and a hotel room for mom and dad to come out here for Christmas. All I can say is, Yay!!!

Tuesday, after I picked them up from the airport and they got settled in their hotel room, mom, dad, and I went to Zupa's for lunch. Then I drove them around and showed them the MTC and the Provo temple. Then we went to Rem and Amelia's place. We talked and laughed for awhile, then I took mom and dad down to Spanish Fork and gave them a little tour of the area and our home. Tyson then joined us and we met Rem and Amelia for dinner at Los Hermanos for dinner. We were really silly and laughed a ton. It was so great to do that over dinner again! After dinner, we all went back to Spanish Fork and Calleen let us pile into her Pilot to go see the local "Festival of Lights."

Wednesday, Tyson and I drove the Pilot to their hotel around lunchtime, then picked up Rem and Amelia and went up to Temple Square. We started with a really great tour of the Conference Center, which was given by a nice of Jonanthan Snow, who dad knew decades ago back in Michigan. We then walked around the outside of the old red mansion next door, then went into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

From there, we went to the Lion House for dinner. Then we walked around the temple, stopped inside the tabernacle, and squeezed into the crowded visitors center.

Thursday, I went to see mom and dad in the morning, and together we went to the grocery store across the street. I brought them back to Spanish Fork, and we chilled at home for the rest of the day. While at home, mom and I made chippy chewy bars and marbled coconut bark. Rem and Amelia came over for dinner, and Tyson tried out the Lion House rolls recipe.

Tyson and I spent Christmas morning with his family, which was really great. Then I picked up mom and dad and brought them over, and Rem and Amelia joined us a little later. We finally got to watch "Up" together, which I'd been looking forward to ever since I saw it in the theatre.

After another delicious dinner had settled, we played Apples to Apples. Then we broke out the Beatles Rock Band on the Wii. Mom and I sang every song together, and we had a blast!

Saturday morning I went to mom and dad's hotel room to just hang out. Then we drove to Rem and Amelia's. They, in turn, drove us to Kneader's Bakery and Cafe where we ate a yummy lunch - and pastries!

It was finally a clear day, and Tyson, mom, dad, and I had a pleasant drive up to the airport. Saying goodbye was hard, but we were so grateful for the time we were able to spend together.