Monday, February 6, 2012

It's the End of the World As We Know It

. . . or so the Mayan's say . . .

January has actually been a relatively uneventful month. Tyson and I just worked away. It has been kind of exciting to have Tyson begin doing his wedding photography on his own. This past month he had three engagement photo shoots and two bridal shoots. January is the quiet before the storm at Creative Arts, and I just subbed a few extra ballet classes, and helped make some props.

Tyson's best friend, Chris, was in town for the first few weeks of January, so we went down to his brother's house in Salt Lake about three times a week during that time. We had a lot of fun playing games and holding Chris's new (born in December) niece Hattie. :)

Near the beginning of the month, blackberries went on sale for a really good price, so we bought several packages, and I tried out two new recipes: blackberry swirl pound cake, and blackberry crumble bars. Both were really good, and are definitely keepers! :)

The most exciting part of January for me was making Remick's birthday cake. :) He requested a chocolate cake shaped like Leonardo's (TMNT) head. Well, 1) I was pretty sure I couldn't yet carve a cake 3-dimensionally, and 2) if I couldn't do that, it sounded like kind of a boring cake. So, after much thought and some last-minute good luck, I was able to make Rem a cake that looked like Leonardo's whole body (including swords, thank you). It turned out way better than I thought it would, and I am still really happy about it! I even used light green frosting with green frosting gel between layers to be "the secret of the ooze." :D

We had Rem and Amelia over for his birthday on the 22nd, and ate homemade pizza and breadsticks for dinner. After dinner we played Scattergories, then finally opened and played Castle Keep! It was really fun! And then, of course, we ate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for dessert. :D

On the 29th, we went down to Spanish Fork to celebrate Parker's 21st birthday. We had a yummy dinner, and then all four brothers played Dominion together. And afterwards we ate cake and opened presents. It was good to see everyone and hang out together again. :)

Aaaand that's it!

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