Sunday, July 10, 2011

Life AS I Know It

Ugh! Sorry for the long silence. I've so rarely had time on a Sunday to sit down and write - and when I have, I've typically taken a nap instead. ;)

So, in brief, in April was General Conference, my birthday, CAA's creative dance concert, and Easter. I LOVED General Conference, as is typical. Elder Lynn G. Robbins' talk about being instead of just doing really hit home for me, as did the story shared by Elder D. Todd Christofferson about the currant bush that grew tree-like and had to be pruned back to become the fruitful bush the gardener intended it to be.

For the creative dance concert, at the beginning of Friday night's performance, a dancer apparently ate too much too close to the performance and vomited her dinner in the hallway backstage where everyone had to walk by. For Saturday's matinee, we found that some of our larger props had been vandalized overnight, and needed to be repaired ASAP. Saturday night had the smallest crisis, with a young dancer brought to the wrong side of the stage. She didn't realize it until the dance started, but she was too young to just dance on and fake it, and so while everyone else danced, she balled her eyes out while a kind teacher ran her over to the correct side as quickly as possible. Poor, silly little thing!

In May, CAA hosted the Utah Dance Festival, and I helped out with that. I also taught the last of my classes for the year, wrapping them up with tests, prizes, and games. I also planted rosemary and thyme in pots outside, and planted impatiens in the former sandbox in front of our living room window.

June was CRAZY! Actually, the first two weeks were quiet and wonderful. Then all the Palmers came into town for a family reunion, and I had to spend time with them. (It was SO wonderful to see you all!!!) Simultaneously, Tyson's best friend, Chris, came from Maryland to visit his family here, and we had to spend time with him. I rear-ended someone, and then was immediately rear-ended myself, scaring me like I've never been scared before, and leaving me without my own transportation. I also now have whiplash and a newly-injured lower back - I'm just glad no one else involved was seriously hurt!

Right around the time our friends left town, we went into full "Youth Conference Mode," since we were the co-chairs. On Sunday the 26th, we met with the youth during the first hour of church, then I taught our Primary class's lesson during the second hour of church, and then Tyson and I sang a duet during sacrament meeting. Whew! Tyson left Wednesday at 2:00 am to go down early to Cedar City to take photographs for his work, and then met up with us for dinner Thursday. That Wednesday, I got sick. I felt awful all that night, and was sure I wouldn't be able to leave with everyone the next morning, but just before morning arrived the intensity ebbed, and I felt well enough to go. :) We went down to Hurricane (pronounced "her-a-kin," for all you non-Utahns), and stayed in the huge (six bedrooms, pizza oven, pool and fishing pond, etc.) house of a church member, swam in their pool, toured historical sites, went to the St. George temple, and basically had a fun and spiritual time. I was totally clueless about how to do something like this, but we have the best youth, and AMAZING leaders, and they made it a wonderful experience! :D

The day after we got back was Tyson's birthday, so we went down to Spanish Fork and had dinner and pie and cheesecake with them. :) The day after that was the 4th of July. Tyson played a game of ultimate frisbee in the morning, and I went to the gym and did a little light cardio per my physical therapist's request. However, before we could shower, a water main broke and we had no running water. Pooh! Thankfully, I have water stored under our bed! Ta-da! We were able to drink, and Tyson was able to bathe before we went to a movie matinee. The water came back on shortly after we got home, and were very thankful!

You know I always have to talk about food, so here it goes! :) Thanks to the fantastically-amazing Kitchen Aid slicer Mike and Caleen got me for my birthday, Tyson and I made several dinners of burgers and oven-fries around Memorial Day. I've included a photo of my veggie-topped veggie burger with my rustic, salty, peppery, garlicky fries. :) Just the way I like them! Nom nom nom!

I came across a recipe for "self-frosting" Nutella cupcakes - golden, buttery cupcakes that aren't too sweet, swirled with rich and sugary Nutella, and then baked. Sooo good!

I also discovered the most amazing blueberry cobbler. The cake portion is the perfect texture with just the thinnest layer of crispness on top, and sweet-tart blueberries underneath. Divine when topped with vanilla ice cream!

On the healthier side, I found this awesome little recipe for pb & j muffins. They aren't very sweet - which makes them perfect for breakfast in my book - and they have carrots, zucchini, 100% whole wheat cake flour, and only honey as sweetener. I'm addicted to them!

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